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emagic micro Logic 1.5 (late 1993)
« on: December 11, 2014, 05:10:39 AM »
*confirmed working by Jo22 on vogons

simulaneously supports multiple midi interfaces
unlimited tracks / sequences

*** note: i couldnt get this to work when i tried it... i think i tried to install it on windows for workgroups 3.11
it may require an earlier version of windows 3.x such as windows 3.1 or windows 3.0 to install properly
or it could have something to do with standard vs enhanced mode im not sure - if u are able to get it up + running please share how to do it by responding to this thread .. another possibility is that it is in some way incompatible with more modern systems, as i tried to install it on a 440BX intel PIII system. It may work fine on a lower pentium, PII or 486 system.

it does indeed work. so if u are having difficulties its most likely due to your configuration + other hardware.
it works fine on windows 3.11, just tested on a P2 266Mhz with a Roland MPU-401


Micro Logic v1.5 for windows 3.1 (1993)
the following is an extract (saved to .txt format) from the "readme.wri" windows write file that accompanies the installation of this
promotional demo version of "micro logic"


Welcome to the wonderful world of EMAGIC´s
Music System

On this disk you find a demo version of EMAGIC´s MicroLOGIC for Windows. Install the program by running the file install.exe from the disk.

Load the General MIDI Demosongs, hit PLAY and enjoy!

This demo version allows you to playback MIDI songs and to check out every feature this program offers you.

If you like it, just ask for the complete MicroLOGIC package at your local music store!

You then made the first step into the world of professional music making.


The next step is the full version: LOGIC for Windows.

Within less than two years after it´s first release this program has established itself worldwide as one of the major Sequencing and Notation Systems.

You can upgrade very easily from MicroLOGIC to LOGIC. Just contact the distributor of your country for detailed information!

Here is an extract from the long feature list of LOGIC for Windows:

- Supports a variety of MIDI cards and interfaces as well as the Windows MME interface; the simultanous use of more than one card is possible

- Open architecture for userdefinable arrange structure with the help of folders

- Virtually unlimited number of tracks, sequences and folders

- Arrange, Event, Score, Matrix & Hyper Editors offer any combination of Graphical or Numerical editing with variable vertical and horizontal zoom

- Resolution: 1/3840 ticks/bar, 960ppqn

- Tempo 0.0500 to 9999.9999 BPM

- Universal Quantisation algorithm

- userdefinable MIDI routing and MIDI realtime control in the Environment

. freely definable user interface with interactive window management and 90 saveable screensets

- Conversion of Notator SL - song data

- MIDI clock and SMPTE/MTC synchronisation


- virtually unlimited number of staves and polyphonic voices

- a large variety of display options: almost any number of score windows can be open at the same time displaying different parts and instrument groups offering a zoom range from 20% to 500%
- a great number of musical signs and symbols

- realtime display of the score during recording

. interpretation mode for optimum display realtime recording

- MIDI Step Input


And one step further into the future:

You will be able to upgrade from LOGIC to LOGIC AUDIO just as easily.

LOGIC AUDIO is the perfect integration of MIDI Sequencing, Notation, Harddiskrecording and Sample Editing and is already available for Apple Macintosh computers.

EMAGIC´s easy upgrade path also allows cross platform sidegrades at any time.

LOGIC will be available for PC (incl. Pentium), Apple Macintosh, Apple PowerPC and Atari in May 1994.


Step into the future!

MicroLOGIC - LOGIC  - LOGIC AUDIO: the logical way

All software versions are being updated contineously. Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Voor Nederland en België:

Postbus 2293
Tel      030-880166
Fax   030-884469

EMAGIC Soft- und Hardware GmbH
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Re: emagic micro Logic 1.5
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2015, 02:33:29 PM »

micro logic 2 demo can be downloaded here for windows 95